Improvisation for your field of expertise

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Dear fellow educators, teachers, and leaders,

Do you find your students snoozing during your most interesting lecture?  Are you trying to find ways to ignite your students learning aside from call and response?  Has moving your tables around the room hurt your back enough times that you’ve given up on ‘architecture of the room’?  Are you bored with your content, but you don’t know how to change it up?

Do you want to work enlivening your classroom in a way that is engaging to you and your class?

Would you like to make your curriculum sizzle?

Would you like to challenge how your students interpret your material?

Would you like to have a different and engaging relationship with your students during the semester?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then please continue to read.


From SPANISH and ESL to BIOLOGY and PHILOSOPHY to ENGLISH LIT and HISTORY, there are literally hundreds of games that Improvisation can help you create interesting and innovative exercises for your daily lessons.  Some can be intricate and some very simple, but all of them useful, dynamic and creative.

This workshop addresses concerns of your classrooms, such as where your students get stuck as well as how to use Improv games as templates for games you create yourself.

Join this workshop and collaborate with other teachers from different disciplines to create a unique experience for you and your students.


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