Group Mind

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Group mind is often spoken of in improv theater with an almost whispered awe.

The members ‘grok’ each other and the group.  Group mind is the ability to intuitively react to each other. Troupe members can lead and follow at the same time instinctively.

It allows a group of actors or students to instantly support a new idea.  At the heart of group mind is listening to each other as a group, and reacting as one.

In teaching my Acting classes, I often will teach group mind right off the bat.  They sense a strong container for whatever tasks I have for them.  They also feel safe and in control, which gives them permission to let go and get wild.

For people who are in education and personal transformation industries, this ability can feel as elusive as the jackalope, however once learned and honed, this super power becomes your best ally.  Through improvisation and play we learn to ‘read the field’ of our classroom, clients, boardroom and audience to maximize our results and outcomes for our students and clients.


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