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Myles came upon the work of failure as a happy accident. She currently teaches at Boulder Improv Collaborative and at Front Range Community College. She noticed that the teachers would often feel frustrated by not knowing how their students were doing or that students with low grades wouldn’t ask questions or approach their teachers. This was occurring throughout all the departments. Myles took what she teaches in Improvisation classes and directed to teachers, educators, and staff of Front Range Community College. The results were that the teachers and staff found how these techniques could be used in the classroom as well with work colleagues.

Myles Goldin was performing and improvising since she was a mere babe. Born in Arizona and having grown up in Florida, she has a certain sense of humor that only ex-pat Floridians have. Theatre and performing has taken her all over the country. She has lived in such great cities as Orlando, Boca Raton, Miami Beach, Seattle, San Marcos, Brooklyn, and has come back to Boulder for the second time. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State and her Master’s in Fine Arts from Naropa University.

She has written, produced and performed solo shows over the past 15 years. Her most recent solo piece, GAZE was in the 2013 Boulder International Fringe Festival. GAZEaperte was also seen in the NY Clown Festival’s 8 minute pieces. Clown and improvisation are her favorite ways to play. She finds more heart and soul is revealed through these types of work. She has performed with such Improvisors as Michael Delaney and Billy Merritt from Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Merideth Crosley-Grundei from Second City and Matt Smith in Seattle, and many others.



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